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926 Village Road, Smithfield, Maine 04978

The Office of the Assessor is charged by State law with discovering, describing, and valuing property, as well as the ownership of that property, for the purpose of taxation. To raise the funds for the budget approved at Annual Town Meeting, the Assessor prepares a list of these properties and commits the assessments to the Office of the Treasurer for collection. The records compiled by the Assessor are made available for public inspection at the Town Office. The Office of the Assessor then submits an annual report to the Maine Revenue Service.

The Office of the Assessor maintains permanent records setting forth title information, descriptions of land and buildings, the valuation of all properties (taxable and exempt), tax maps showing lot size, and a list of all personal property used in trade and manufacturing. Accurate record keeping of the property cards, tax maps, deeds and transfer documents from the State is ongoing. Change in title from the deeds and declaration of value are processed on a monthly basis. Land sales and new subdivisions are tracked and recorded on all the proper documents (i.e. – property cards and tax maps).

The Office of the Assessor maintains assessment information, which is available to the public, including tax maps, valuation listings searchable by name or map/lot, sales lists, property cards, and real estate transfer tax forms. These may be examined during regular office hours and copies are available for a reasonable fee.

Town maps are currently being worked on.  Please contact the office for more information