Norridgewock Recreation Board

Smithfield Children participating in any sports-based activities must do so through the Norridgewock Recreation Department. Please visit Norridgewock Recreation for information about the department with board members, agenda’s, minutes, and current happenings.


Smithfield, Maine Historical Society

The Smithfield Maine Historical Society is a non-profit organization and has been going for a year now (2011) and now has 42 members. They have acquired a new home “The Groves House” located at 21 Lake View Drive and hope to have it open by the end of 2011. A DVD has been made of Smithfield Village covering the years of 1820 to 1960, approximately one hour long and is on sale for $5.00.

They created a community calendar every year with old pictures from town, people can purchase space on the calendar for birthdays, anniversaries, etc. For more information, membership forms and/or an application for the community calendar please call Richard Witham at 634-4392.


Membership application:

Fairview Grange

The Fairview Grange, local #342, is a non-profit organization that was organized in 1898 and was started to help the farmers and as a social organization. It was founded in the town hall which was located by the Village Cemetery now known as 52 Lake View Drive, owned by Larry and Sue Kerns and is a seasonal dwelling along North Pond. The first grange hall was built by the Stream coming out of North Pond now the entrance to Sunset Camps and burned in 1913. The second grange hall was built in the spot where it is located now at 826 Village Rd. but again was taken by a fire in 1986. The third grange hall was built in that same spot and is currently what is located there today.

For information about Smithfield’s local grange (memberships, rentals, public suppers) you can call Rick Watson at 944-9497 or email


Mercer Community Center

The Mercer Community Center is located at the old Mercer Elementary School Building at 1015 Beech Hill Rd. Mercer Maine and currently where the Mercer Town Office is located.

Check out the website link below, there is always activities of all sorts going on!


Smithfield Fire Association

The Smithfield Fire Association is a non-profit group organized to create a greater public awareness and understanding of the Smithfield Volunteer Fire Dept. and provide additional educational and financial support through local fundraising events and accepting donations, thus lessoning municipal/governmental burden. The Association meets on the second Tuesday of every month at the Municipal Building.


Moonshiners Snowmobile Club

Smithfield Moonshiners Snowmobile, Inc.
PO Box 134
Smithfield, Maine 04978

The Smithfield Moonshiners Snowmobile Club has been going for over 11 years, with residents of the town holding officer positions, grooming trails, building bridges, and working with local landowners to keep the trails open and maintained.

President: Stephen Dyer

Secretary: Hans Rasmussen (207) 362-2222
Vice-President: Vacant
Treasurer: Dave Ducret (207) 362-6945
Trailmaster: Erik Rasmussen (207) 362-3782
Membership Chair: Dave Ducret (207) 362-6945

Meetings are held from September through April at the Smithfield Town Office in the fire department training room.

Smithfield Moonshiners strives to create safe and enjoyable local trails that link to Oakland, Mercer, Rome and Belgrade as well as ITS 87 that passes through Norridgewock, just north of our town. There are well over 30 miles of snowmobile trails in Smithfield.

Our club greatly appreciates the contribution of our local landowner providing access for our trails to cross their lands. We intend to manage Club maintained snow trails to improve safety, enabling the management of traffic and most importantly, to protect landowners’ interests while also providing them with the benefit of State provided insurance coverage.


Membership in the Smithfield Moonshiners shall be open to all persons or businesses that provide facilities or services to snowmobiles or snowmobilers or anyone who desires to support the Smithfield Moonshiners or their by-laws.

Associate Members

Associate members are individuals, families, or supporting business members who are already current members of the Maine Snowmobile Association. The amount of dues shall be the fee not required to be sent into the M.S.A. for an affiliated membership. M.S.A membership applications are not required.

Remember, if it weren’t for our landowners, we wouldn’t have trails to ride on. Ride right, ride safe, ride smart.